There's Gonna Be a God Damn Riot in Here!

Charles Bukowski Live in Vancouver

Bukowski reads his poetry...and then some.

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Here's what Buk had to say about the Vancouver Gang from Living on Luck Selected Letters 
1960s - 1970s Volume 2:

From page 275, dated October 15, 1979 to Hank Malone from the 4th paragraph which begins, "Just back from Vancouver. Read to 680 at Viking Inn, standing room only. Drank before reading and 4 bottles of red wine during. Got back to hotel, fell and cracked my head open real damn good on the heater. Probably my best poem of the night..."

And from page 276, dated November 9, 1979 to Carl Weissner "...Back from Canadian reading. Took Linda. Have video tapes of the thing in color, runs about two hours. Saw it a couple nights back. Not bad. Much fighting with the audience. New poems. Dirty stuff and the other kind. Drank before the reading and 3 bottles of red wine during but read the poems out. Dumb party afterwards. I fell down several times while dancing. They got me back on the elevator back at the hotel and I kept hollering for another bottle. Poor Linda. Afterwards in hotel room, kept falling. Finally fell against the radiator and cracked a 6 inch gash in skull. Blood everywhere. Hell of a trip...Nice Canadian people who set up reading, though. Not poet types at all. All in all, a good show..."

Running Time: 97 minutes